Ringwood & Highcliffe Friendly Match Report

30/7/21 – On Wednesday 28th Ringwood and Highcliffe held a friendly match at the Fish Inn, organised by Adam Ursell and Martin Clancy.  It wasn’t exactly Ringwood vs Highcliffe but Team A vs Team B, with the idea that the teams would be roughly the same strength.  It worked as it was a close run match, as can be seen by the scorecard below.  The games were played at the rate of 1 hour and 10 seconds increment.

We were blessed by dry weather, albeit a bit chilly as the evening wore on, and indeed dark by the time the last game finished!  It was a fun evening and I think everyone enjoyed getting back across the board face-to-face for something a little more considered than on-line blitz.

Team AResultTeam B
Christian Westrap0-1Peter Anderson
James Forster1-0Martin Clancy
Robert Halse1-0Richard Ursell
Brian Lois1-0Tom Trach
Jack Versay0-1Rob Davenport
Andrew Manson0.5-0.5Malcolm Day
Susan Kageler0-1Darrell Sturmey
Daniel Ursell1-0Andy Baskett