Fixtures and results

Click on the completed match scores in the table below to see the detailed reports.

DateDayLeagueHome TeamResultAway Team
18/09/2023MondayKO Cup Ringwood B4 - 2Southbourne Seagulls
02/10/2023MondaySoton Div 1Ringwood3.5 - 1.5Salisbury A
02/10/2023MondayB&DCL Div 4Ringwood C2 - 2Southbourne D
09/10/2023MondayB&DCL Div 1Ringwood A2 - 2Southbourne A
16/10/2023MondayB&DCL Div 3Ringwood B1 - 3Highcliffe C
16/10/2023MondayBacchusRingwood W&S2 - 3Southbourne Seagulls
23/10/2023MondaySoton Div 1Soton Uni A2.5 - 2.5Ringwood
25/10/2023WednesdayB&DCL Div 4Wimborne D2.5 - 1.5Ringwood C
30/10/2023MondayKO CupPoole5.5 - 0.5Ringwood B
06/11/2023MondayB&DCL Div 4Ringwood C1 - 3Poole D
06/11/2023MondayDorset LeagueRingwood1.5 - 2.5Wimborne B
08/11/2023WednesdayB&DCL Div 3Wimborne C2.5 - 1.5Ringwood B
13/11/2023MondayB&DCL Div 1Ringwood A1.5 - 2.5Poole B
20/11/2023MondaySoton Div 1Ringwood3 - 2Basingstoke A
23/11/2023ThursdayDorset LeagueDorchester C2 - 2Ringwood
27/11/2023MondayBacchusHighcliffe Castles1 - 2Ringwood W&S
01/12/2023FridayB&DCL Div 3Southbourne C3 - 1Ringwood B
04/12/2023MondayB&DCL Div 1Highcliffe A1.5 - 2.5Ringwood A
05/12/2023TuesdayB&DCL Div 4Bournemouth E1 - 3Ringwood C
11/12/2023MondaySoton Div 1Ringwood4 - 1Soton A
18/12/2023MondayDorset LeaguePurbeck4 - 0Ringwood
03/01/2024WednesdayB&DCL Div 1Wimborne A3.5 - 0.5Ringwood A
08/01/2024MondayB&DCL Div 3Ringwood B2.5 - 1.5Bournemouth C
11/01/2024ThursdaySoton Div 1Salisbury A3.5 - 1.5Ringwood
15/01/2024MondayB&DCL Div 1Ringwood A0.5 - 3.5Poole A
15/01/2024MondayB&DCL Div 4Ringwood C1.5 - 2.5Bournemouth D
25/01/2024ThursdayRoberston CupSalisbury A2 - 3Ringwood
29/01/2024MondayB&DCL Div 3Ringwood B3 - 1Poole C
29/01/2024MondayBacchusRingwood W&S1.5 - 1.5Poole Bishops
30/01/2024TuesdaySotonFareham A5 - 0Ringwood
05/02/2024MondayDorset LeagueHighcliffe B2 - 2Ringwood
09/02/2024FridayB&DCL Div 1Southbourne A2 - 2Ringwood A
09/02/2024FridayB&DCL Div 4Southbourne D1.5 - 2.5Ringwood C
12/02/2024MondaySoton Div 1Ringwood3 - 2Soton Uni A
19/02/2024MondayB&DCL Div 3Highcliffe C2 - 2Ringwood B
26/02/2024MondayB&DCL Div 1Ringwood A0.5 - 3.5Wimborne A
26/02/2024MondayB&DCL Div 4Ringwood C2 - 2Wimborne D
05/03/2024TuesdaySoton Div 1Soton A3 - 2Ringwood
11/03/2024MondayDorset LeagueRingwood1.5 - 2.5Weymouth B
11/03/2024MondayB&DCL Div 3Ringwood B1 - 3Wimborne C
13/03/2024WednesdaySoton Div 1Basingstoke A2.5 - 2.5Ringwood
18/03/2024MondayB&DCL Div 1Poole B3 - 1Ringwood A
18/03/2024MondayB&DCL Div 4Poole D2 - 2Ringwood C
25/03/2024MondayB&DCL Div 3Ringwood B2.5 - 1.5Southbourne C
25/03/2024MondayDorset LeagueRingwood1.5 - 2.5Poole B
04/04/2024ThursdayRobertson CupRingwood2.5 - 2.5Basingstoke
04/04/2024ThursdayKO CupRingwood4 - 2New Milton
08/04/2024MondayB&DCL Div 1Ringwood A2 - 2Highcliffe A
08/04/2024MondayB&DCL Div 4Ringwood C2 - 2Bournemouth E
15/04/2024MondaySoton Div 1Ringwood0.5 - 4.5Fareham A
22/04/2024MondayDorset LeagueRingwood3 - 1Dorchester B
23/04/2024TuesdayB&DCL Div 3Bournemouth C3.5 - 0.5Ringwood B
29/04/2024MondayB&DCL Div 1Poole A3.5 - 0.5Ringwood A
13/05/2024MondayB&DCL Div 3Poole C2.5 - 1.5Ringwood B
14/05/2024TuesdayB&DCL Div 4Bournemouth D3 - 1Ringwood C
20/05/2024MondayKO CupRingwood2 - 4Poole Position