Members’ Games

Inspired Attacking from Malcolm

Malcom Day 1-0  Jones,  Worcestershire Under 18 Championship 1957

Noteboom Defence.  Published February 2020

This is a delightful attacking game by Malcolm from his days as a junior, and his sacs are rewarded when his opponent fails to find his way through the complications.  The game was written up in the Bath Chronicle by the well known chess correspondent and author W H Cozens who was appropriately complimentary of Malcolm’s play.  Malcolm says:

By way of background, in those days the Worcestershire U 18 C’ship was a KO competition, 4 rounds that year, and my opponent was from the Worcester Blind College, coached by R H Bonham*

Black’s 21st move marked the end of the first session, when I had 3 moves to make in 3 minutes, but I neglected to look at the position seriously as I thought I had a lost game.   Something must have inspired me when we re-convened, but I expect that today’s chess engines will find some flaws – like black’s 28… Kg8 perhaps.

* Bonham was a master at the RNIB New College at Worcester and a governor of Worcester Training College (now University of Worcester). He was World Correspondence Chess Champion and World Blind Chess Champion, being made a grandmaster in 1958. Over-the-board, he won the Worcester club championship on each occasion he competed: he was the Worcestershire Individual Champion over twenty times, and the Midland Champion several times. As an organiser Bonham founded the International Braille Chess Association in 1958.

Martin C gets outmanouevred by Martin Newbury

Martin Newbury 1-0 Martin Clancy, Ringwood vs Easteigh, Roberson Cup 2005

Sicilian Defence, Sveshnikov  Variation.   Published 21/12/19.

Martin says, “I was really impressed with Martin Newbury’s strategic play in this game back in 2005! “

Niall’s positional masterpiece

Niall Woodger 1-0 Jon Catchpole, Ringwood A vs Southbourne A, 4/11/19

Reti / Queens Pawn.  Published 15/11/19.

This was a fine positional game by Niall in which he systematically put pressure on his opponent’s b-pawn and saw well in advance that he could defend against the counter-attack against his king.

Martin shows his attacking flair… again 🙂

Martin Clancy  1-0 Mark Littleton, Dorset Open

Blackmar Gambit.  Published 16/6/19.

A Caro-Kann transposes to a Balckmar-Diemer Gambit (more often reached by 1.d4 d5 2.e4).   An imaginative piece sacrafice leads to a crushing attack.


More Morra madness!

Martin Clancy 1-0 Mike Waddington, Dorset Closed

Morra Gambit.  Published June 2019

A nice win aganist one of Dorset’s strongest players.  Martin transitions from a complicated middlegame to a won endgame.

More impressive attacking by Martin C

Martin Clancy 1-0 Anthony Corkett, Bournemouth Grand Open

Morra Gambit.  Published June 2019

A win against a strong and resilient opponent.

A classic Morra Gambit attack

Martin Clancy 1-0 Pavel Asenov, Bournemouth Grand Open

Morra Gambit.  Published June 2019

A short and sweet demolition by Martin.

A tricky pawn ending

Steve Madden 0-1 Peter Anderson, City of London Open, 1982

Endgame.  Published June 2019

Pawn endgames look simple but are often very tricky and require precise (and often long) calculation.

White gets a grip and never lets go

Michael Barnes 1-0 Peter Anderson, Nottingham 1995

Caroi-Kann.  Published December 2019

This is the last of the games between Peter Anderson and Michael Barnes to be published on here.   It seemed fair to finish with one of Michael’s wins and Peter regards this as the best of them.

Equal in theory but not in practice

Peter Anderson 1-0  Michael Barnes, Nottingham

Kings Indian.  Published July 2019

White squanders a big advantage and arrives at an endgme that the engines say is dead level.   Well it is with accurate play by black.   But it is much easier to play as white and black has to be very accurate at a critical point to hold the balance.

Endgame pressure

Peter Anderson 1-0  Michael Barnes

Vulture Defence.  Published July 2019

Black gets equality after a dodgy opening, but goes wrong leaving white with a large endgame advantage despite level material.

A tough game

Michael Barnes 0.5-0.5 Peter Anderson, Nottinghan, 1990s.

Pirc Defence.  Published 28/6/19.

The first four Peter Anderson vs Michael Barnes games on here.   The two played many times in the 1990’s with honours about even, despite Michael being somewhat stronger.


A Dutch-Peruvian Gambit

Gary Stevens 0-1  Peter Anderson, London League

Dutch Peruvian Gambit.  Published June 2019

An attacking game with a geometrically pleasing finish.

Another Dutch-Peruvian Gambit

Lee, DV 0-1  Peter Anderson, Nottingham

Dutch Peruvian Gambit.  Published June 2019

Early tactics lead to a won endgame.

An exchange sacrifice for long term chances.

Andrew Whitely 0-1  Peter Anderson, Middlesex Team Championships

Queens Gambit Declined.  Published July 2019

After poor opening play black finds a way to generate counterplay.

Long endgame calculations

Peter Anderson 1-0  Joe Vere, Nottingham 1992

Queens Gambit Declined.  Published July 2019

Slight middlegame pressure leads to an endgame a pawn up.   Black mistakenly swops the rooks off allowing white to convert with some long but simple calculations.