Ringwood and Highcliffe Return Match Report

13/8/21 – On Wednesday 11th the return friendly match between Ringwood and Highcliffe took place at the Amberwood pub. There was an excellent turn out and the match was played over 9 boards and in somewhat warmer conditions than the first match.

Ringwood had the better of the bottom boards whilst Highcliffe dominated the top boards and edged the match 5-4. The match may not have gone Ringwood’s way but it was nonetheless a thoroughly enjoyable evening.

Christian Westrap1-0Peter Anderson
Bruce Jenks1-0James Forster
Adam Ursell1-0Martin Clancy
Tom Trach1-0Robert Halse
Jack Versay0-1Merlin Cork
Andrew Manson0-1Rob Davenport
Ron Salinger0.5-0.5Malcolm Day
Roger Howell0.5-0.5Alan Wykes
Daniel Ursell0-1Darrell Sturmey