Online Team Challenge

At 7:30 pm on Monday 29th June Ringwood will play other clubs in the second online chess team challenge Arena. This will be 90 minutes of slow blitz at 5 minutes + 3 seconds speed. As soon as you have finished one game you will be eligible for pairing in the next game. You may be paired against anyone except someone in your own team.

Assuming this event goes as well as the first team challenge then it will become a regular fixture during lockdown, taking place on the last Monday of each month.

Those of you who have been playing on Lichess already, please simply join the team your captain has set up for you. For Ringwood players, our team is Ringwood Arena Team (Rat). Once your captain has accepted you into the team then please join the Ringwood Invitational Team Battle event.

If you have not played on lichess before please follow the instructions below.

This is a four step process. The first three steps must be completed only once and are best done at least a day or two before your first online event. Step 4 is entering a specific event, so must be done for each event you wish to play in. More detailed instructions with screen shots are here

Step 1: Set up your free lichess account. If you don’t already have a lichess account set one up here.

Step 2: Put your real name on your account profile. You don’t have to do this, but it is really helpful if you add your real name to your account, so people can see who is who.

Step 3: Join the team your captain has set up for you on Lichess. Click on the appropriate team below to join a team.
Ringwood Arena Team (RAT)
Highcliffe Castles
Poole Chess Club
Winborne Wombats
Southbourne Psychos
New Milton
Ringwood Arena Nomads which is a special team for players whose club has not entered but who want to play anyway.

You have to be accepted into the team by your captain so please allow them some time (say a day) to do this.

Alternatively you may want to set a team up with your local chess friends from different clubs. In which case the list of players who are registered for our individual events may help you.

Step 4: Join an Event. The second team event will be Ringwood Invitational Team Battle on 29th June