Club Championship

Our internal Club Championship is running from now until 29th April 2024. The winner will have their name engraved on the fine trophy shown above.
If you wish to compete in it:
  • Please contact Martin in person or at
  • Start challenging other people who have entered the competition
  • Notify Martin of the results via email or Whatsapp.
Please see:
The rules are as follows:
  1. Games will be ECF standard rated. The time control will be 45 minutes + 15 second increment.
  2. A WhatsApp group will be setup for the people taking part. It can be used for issuing challenges and the notification of results (though does not have to be used for either).
  3. An internal competition has already been set up on the Dorset LMS website to record the results and transfer results to the ECF for grading.
  4. The competition will run from Monday 13th of November 2023 to Monday 29th April 2024.
  5. The winner of the competition will be the person with most points at the end of the competition, where a win is worth 1 point, a draw 0.5 and a loss 0.
  6. All moves in a game should be recorded and normal chess rules will apply. Note if you have less than five minutes left, you do not have to record your moves, but you also lose the right to claim a 3-fold repetition or a 50 move draw.
  7. Players can play as many or as few games as they wish. The player with the largest number of points scored will be the winner.
  8. Players will need to challenge other members to arrange games. It isn’t the organiser’s responsibility to arrange them 😊.
  9. The maximum number of times you can play the same opponent will be restricted as follows.

  10. Games are designated eligible, or ineligible based on point 9. Only eligible games will be counted, but ineligible games can become eligible by playing more opponents.
  11. All eligible games will be rated. The points total for the competition will be based on those games.
  12. A tie break will be resolved in favour of the player who scored most points from eligible games played between the tied players. If players remain tied the trophy shall be shared.
  13. The “colours” used in the first game between two opponents will be chosen at random. Subsequent games will swap the colours.
  14. The winner will get the pictured trophy presented, engraved with their name and to keep it till the next year.
  15. The organiser’s decision in any dispute is final.