2024 Ringwood Rapidplay Report and Results


The second Ringwood Rapidplay took place on Sunday 23rd June, 2024.

There were three late withdrawals, leaving 57 players in total, with 19 in the Open section and 38 in the Intermediate (under 1800) section. Both sections were appreciably stronger than they were in last year's event, with the Open being particularly tough, featuring a GM, 3 FMs and a WFM.

The tournament was played over 6 rounds with a time limit of 15 minutes + 10 seconds. There were free drinks all day and food was provided at a modest cost, with vegetarian and vegan options available.

The total prize fund was increased from the advertised £550 to £595 in order to cater as fairly as possible for joint winners of prizes.

We would like to thank Schofields landscapes and gardens for their continued sponsorship of the event.

Prize Winners

Open Section

Going into the last round Matthew Turner was on 5/5 and was a point ahead of the field.  He agreed a quick draw with Richard Webb.

So in 1st place on 5.5/6 and winning £100 was Matthew Turner, pictured on the left below, just about to receive his prize from Peter Anderson.

Roland Bezuidenhout was in 2nd place on 5/6, winning £60


There was a four way tie for 3rd place between between Ian Thompson, Jane Richmond, Richard Webb (all pictured below) and Oscar Garcia. They each won £10

John Weatherlake won the Under 2050 rating prize of £20

Martin O'Neill won the Under 1900 rating prize of £20


Zander Booth won the Junior prize of £20


Intermediate Section

After four rounds there were two players on four points: Steven Harding and Girish Harihar.  They met in the 5th round in what was effectively the decisive game for the section, with Steven emerging as victor.  This left him a point ahead of the field and he agreed a quick draw in round 6 to secure first place.

So in 1st place on 5.5/6 and winning £100 was Steven Harding.

Six players tied for second place including two juniors who were eligible not only for the junior prize but also rating prizes. As per the tournament rules, players can normally only win one prize but this seemed very unfair in this case, so extra prize money was awarded.

With 4.5/6 and in joint second place, the top placed juniors and top in various rating prize categories, were Daniel Aron and Ojas Dhall, who were each awarded £30

Also in second place and winning £25 each were Tony Sanderson, Girish Harihar, Paul Jackson and Niclas Hordnes

The U1700 rating prize was awarded to Daniel and Ojas as part of their prizes.

The Under 1630 rating prize of £20 was won by Marek Olechny with 3.5/6

The Under 1500 rating prize of £20 was won by Michael Pope, also with 3.5/6

The Under 1400 rating prize of £20 was won by Dan Ursell with 2.5/6

A Junior Prize of £15 was awarded to Michal Orszulak (pictured below after being presented with his prize the following day), as the best placed junior after Daniel and Ojas.


We would like to thank all those who took part and we hope you may enter again next year.

We would also like to thank all those who helped organise and run the event, not least for the effort in keeping players fed and watered throughout the day.  A special thanks goes to those who are not Ringwood Chess Club members: Bridget Clancy and Nikki Forster for their hard work in the kitchen, James Forster for helping clear up at the end, and Martin Simons for acting as chief arbiter.

Full Final Standings

Open Section

Matthew J Turner
Roland Bezuidenhout 5
Oscar Garcia 4
Ian D Thompson 4
Richard M Webb 4
Jane Richmond 4
John P Weatherlake
Martin O'neill 3
C Bruce Jenks 3
Allan J Pleasants 3
Zander Booth 3
James Connor C Forster 3
Nwachukwu Okoli
Paul Northcott
Johnathan D Bourne
Richard W Ursell
Graham J Willetts 2
Mark A Potter 2
Hugo Melling 1


Intermediate Section

Steven J Harding
Girish Harihar
Niclas Hordnes
Tony Sanderson
Ojas Dhall
Paul A Jackson
Daniel Andrei Aron
Christopher Lamming 4
Anuhas Gamage 4
Peter Austin 4
Nicholas E White
Marek Olechny
Michael R Pope
Julian Schofield
Michal Orszulak 3
James A Barnett 3
Ross M Mackay 3
Richard J Barnes 3
David R Agostinelli 3
Thomas Trach 3
Stephen Bolton 3
Phil B Pinto 3
Derek Mount 3
Milan Bennett 3
Mike Spence
Dan Ursell
Dave Williams 2
Phil Stevens 2
Jadan Gerety 2
Andre Hopkins 2
Harshal Kulkarni 2
Paul T Errington 2
Rosamund Hale
Simon Gates
Charles Andreas Charalambous
Tim Rushworth
Bernadette Marie
Eduard Achirecesei 1