The list below shows members that have played matches for Ringwood in the current or previous season.


NameStandard GradeRapid GradeECF MemberRef
Anderson, Peter W182194GOLD105723G
Bacon, David13
Baskett, Andy93
Clancy, Martin J160GOLD187041F
Davenport, Robert128SILVER210846L
Day, Malcolm119BRONZE288860K
de Grave, Vaughn84
Donaldson, Peter138234514G
Forster, James Connor C178146GOLD295278G
Grant, Colin53296592G
Halse, Robert143BRONZE290601G
Harman, Kenneth B181112122E
Jay, Michael97SILVER191208C
Jenks, C Bruce184113612E
Pegg, Russell M172116911H
Perrin, Richard D148GOLD116975A
Simons, Martin J182GOLD119017K
Smith, Ken154BRONZE304248A
Sturmey, Darrell95288856H
Ursell, Richard W148SILVER120782K
Westrap, Christian F182GOLD103710K
Willets, Graham160
Woodger, Niall154BRONZE281683A
Wykes, T Alan118BRONZE127181H