Member Games

This page is for games and analysis submitted by club members. Please click on the links which provide access to ChessBase.

Peter Anderson

Many thanks to Peter for intending to submit regular games for readers to enjoy. As he explains, these span a playing career that started over 40 years ago. Peter’s approach to try and explain the logic and thinking behind his moves is very popular with readers!

This  game is the first of several that I will send in against the same opponent, Michael Barnes, who I played many times over a 10 year period in the 1990s and early 2000s.   Michael was a bit stronger than me, but with luck I managed to get some results against him and I think overall honours were about even.

Here is a largely endgame position also played by Peter against the same opponent, Michael Barnes:

Next up (25 Oct ’19), is a further game played by Peter also against Michael Barnes

This next game (18 Aug ’19) is one Peter played against the very strong Alan Merry. In fact, Peter is not alone in thinking that, in time Alan is likely to emerge as a GM.

Interestingly, Peter’s next 2 games feature the end game – and, as he says in his notes, an often really difficult part of the game to master. (This first game has been a feature on the Dorset Chess website)

and the 2nd is through this link:

The next game is playing Andrew Whitely in the Middlesex Team Championships. Andrew emerged in the mid/late 60’s as one of a group of highly talented young players, that included Ray Keene. He played board 1 for Oxford University, and then won the British Junior Championship in 1965 and in 1965/6 was European Junior Champion.

Next up a Dutch Peruvian Gambit

This next one was played some 40 years ago, but Peter comments he can remember the game and his thought processes at the time really well still.

Martin Clancy

Martin makes the point his first game here is “not a Morra”! It is from the Dorset Open against Mark Littleton:-

But to make amends Martin now features links to 3 Morras!

Morra accepted  

Bournemouth Closed Championship 2013 Round 4 – Martin Clancy v Mike Waddington

Morra declined

Bournemouth Grand 2013 Round 1 – Martin Clancy   v Anthony Corkett

Morra declined

Bournemouth Grand 2015 Round 1 – Martin Clancy v Pavol Asenov