Member Games

This page is for games and analysis submitted by club members. Please click on the links which provide access to ChessBase.

Peter Anderson

Many thanks to Peter for the first of what he expects to be a number of games. This was played some 40 years ago, but Peter comments he can remember the game and his thought processes at the time really well still.

Martin Clancy

Martin makes the point his first game here is “not a Morra”! It is from the Dorset Open against Mark Littleton:-

But to make amends Martin now features links to 3 Morras!

Morra accepted  

Bournemouth Closed Championship 2013 Round 4 – Martin Clancy v Mike Waddington

Morra declined

Bournemouth Grand 2013 Round 1 – Martin Clancy   v Anthony Corkett

Morra declined

Bournemouth Grand 2015 Round 1 – Martin Clancy v Pavol Asenov