Players of all levels welcome to our Chess Club

Ringwood Chess Club welcome new Members to play casually or competitively in teams in the Southampton and/or the Bournemouth and District (B&D) leagues. In the 2017/18 season, the club has three teams playing in the B&D league and two in the Southampton league. We hope to increase the number of teams for next season. In the Southampton League, we have just won the second division, so next season we will again have a team in the top division of both leagues.

No Age Restrictions

There is no age restriction to join the club, although as we play in a licenced premises, under 18’s may not have access to bar areas. Wheelchair access to the venue is limited as we play up a few stairs. Alternative arrangements can be made for players with disabilities (contact us for details).

Free Parking

There is parking available on the High Street but for visiting players the easiest option is to follow the signs to the Furlong Car park and park at the “bus stop” end of the car park. The Original White Hart is about 70 metres away on the High Street.

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